Our Story

In 1930, Rosolino Freddi left his native village, Rocca Bianca with suitcases holding his cherished family recipes. These, simple and authentic Italian flavors were then passed on through the generations to come.

Why settles for mass produced food when you can enjoy authentic and healthy meals served with love, every single time?

Our signature pizzas and dishes are prepared by passionate cooks who share our values of respect for the product, simple, tasty cuisine with authentic flavors.

Made around family recipes, our menu transports you to Emilia Romagna also known as “Italy belly” helping you discover the culinary wonders that this region abounds.

Our Mission

To make people connect over authentic Italian cuisine and feel the experience of Italian tradition of a familial simple cuisine, made with natural ingredients.

Rocca Bianca tells a family story around a delicious cuisine that we can share with family, friends, or colleagues to enjoy a true moment disconnected from the society technology.

Our Vision

To serve delicious dishes just like we use to eat in our youth.

Roccabianca blends advanced cooking techniques and traditional flavors, to aim delivering the best Italian experience at your favorite place.

To be the best in delivering the best Italian food.

8 Rue Caroline, 1227 Les Acacias, Geneva

Opening Hours


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